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A Colorado company with expertise in Machine Learning and Data Science and a mission to create value for organizations. Decision Products uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms and AI based on graphs to augment and automate decisions in an automated digital workflow.

Core Competencies - Graph Databases solution development, Managed Process Discovery Service for business process improvement, conformance validation and compliance checks, Managed Analytics Services for turnkey cloud hosted reports and APIs


  • Data Driven Process Discovery
  • Cloud Computing Expertise
  • Graph Databases & Graph Analytics
  • Managed Services Analytics products
  • AI, Machine Learning & Data Science


  • SBA Certified WOSB
  • City and County of Denver Certified MWBE/SBE/EBE/DBE
  • Neo4j Solution Partner

Decision Products

  • Process Map/Discovery
    Every for-profit and non-profit organization utilizes a set of processes to create value. With more and more processes relying on automation, lot of inefficiencies and wastages are hidden within these automation rules. To build decision products that enable organizations to improve their process outcomes, the first step is an automated data driven process discovery. Organizations can utilize this automated data driven process discovery to drive various process improvement initiatives.
    We offer two types of process discovery services :
    • Service Process Discovery : We provide a process discovery workstation on the cloud where organizations can utilize their own process data to create process maps and then use them to drive various initiatives.
    • Discovery Managed Service : In the process discovery managed service, we offer consulting services to accelerate the process discovery and process optimization initiatives
  • Analytics as Service
    Process discovery is the first step in Analytics and eventually creates the need for various forms of predictions, forecasts and recommendations. We offer tailored analytics as a managed service where we build, maintain and manage these analytics offered in the form of APIs, integrated into the various transactional systems and dashboards that can be used for monitoring and decision making.
    Three types of Analytics as a Service are offered for our customers:
    • Forecast as Service : We specialize in providing thousands of forecasts for various supply chain, digital marketing and planning initiatives. The advantage of this service is we build, tune, manage and maintain these forecasting models while you take care of your business
    • Recommendation as Service : For businesses that require making lots of decisions that are dependent on data, recommendations as a service is a valuable resource. We build the recommendation models, tune, manage and maintain these recommendation models which can be integrated into your e-commerce and process automation workflow
    • Prediction as Service : Predictions are invaluable in various situations such as fraud, intrusion detection, customer propensity to purchase etc. all of which enable organizations to realize millions of dollars in value. We offer prediction modeling, tuning, management and maintenance of these models as a service, so that you can focus on your business.


Apps Consultants offers consulting services in complex data engineering, building data transformation pipelines, ingesting data into Graph Databases while maintaining data fidelity. We have expertise in all three cloud platforms – AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Our consulting services complement our managed services offering by handholding companies in their Process Improvement journeys.
Our consulting services are offered in four main areas:

  • Identifying and creating business case for leveraging AI and ML to create value.
  • Building complex data pipelines with observability and monitoring for ensuring reliable data output.
  • Leveraging Graph Databases for Customer 360, Product 360, Fraud and Anomaly Detection.
  • Creating software products with embedded AI/ML for reverse logistics, improving customer experience, enhancing effectiveness of digital campaigns.


  • AWS Certifications
    • AWS Data Analyst : This program helps individuals prepare for an industry-recognized credential from AWS that validates the expertise in AWS data lakes and analytics services. With the growth of Cloud computing and Data Lakes in every organization, this certification comes in handy to demonstrate the skills. Build credibility and confidence by highlighting individual’s ability to design, build, secure, and maintain analytics solutions on AWS that are efficient, cost-effective, and secure.
    • AWS Cloud Practitioner : This program prepares individuals towards the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification examination. The exam is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS Certifications.
  • Process Discovery and Analytics
    • Process Mining is a newer technology that takes events happening within any process and stitches them together to build a process map. We use traditional process mining tools and techniques and combine them with time series databases and graph databases to help individuals understand how business processes can be discovered and mapped from the event data and then use the process variant data in various predictive analytics.
      The course is targeted at users with knowledge of Time series databases, Graph databases and an understanding of Process Mining. We will combine these technologies to provide users with an understanding on how it could be leveraged to create a competitive advantage
  • Graph Databases
    • Graph Analytics provides an important connections-oriented perspective of data. Large organizations are siloed, and data is in various systems making it extremely difficult to bring the data sets together. With graph databases one can create schemas and business models easily on the white board and then implement them in practice with no further abstraction. Graph Algorithms can help in pattern detection, identifying fraud and can play an important role in data science.
      This course provides the student an understanding of graph databases, how to write cypher queries, use various graph algorithms on the data and create value in a shorter period of time.


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